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Berkley Fireline Review

Jan 19th, 2009 by Crazy BASStard

Berkley Fireline.

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When I hear the words "Berkley Fireline" entering my ear drums, the first thought that comes to my mind is "Badass." This line is tough. Period. Fireline is neither braid nor monofilament. It is constructed from the strongest fiber on Earth, Micro Dyneema. This material allows Fireline to be as tough and durable as braided lines, as well as maintain the castability of a monofilament. I was weary to give it a shot at first, having bad experiences in the past with braided lines staying on my spool. This was not a problem with Fireline, due to its low memory design. You can purchase this line in 150 or 300 yard spools, in 10, 14, 20, and 30 pound test. Berkley also offers three colors to choose from: "Smoke," "Crystal," and "Flame Green."

The aspect of fishing with this line that is the deal maker for me is the fact that you don't have to sacrifice anything. It casts and handles as smoothly as monofilament, and due to the unbelievable strength of Micro Dyneema, you get less diameter per pound test. This means that you can spool up your smaller reels with incredibly strong line. For a size reference, the 14 pound test Fireline is the diameter of 6 pound test monofilament. Therefore, more line, more strength. On top of this, Berkley fireline is a zero-stretch line, so even the smallest movements in your presentation will be transferred directly to the bait. Furthermore, the zero-stretch lends to much firmer hooksets. This non-stretch aspect of the line can hinder movement for smaller crank baits, I would suggest Berkly fireline for use with 3/8oz or larger crankbaits. As far as jigging and drop shotting goes, you will not find a better line out there.

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Fishing with Fireline will require you to increase the strength of other components of your tackle as well. Namely, hooks, and swivels. If you are one who fishes using a swivel, make sure you use a larger sized swivel or you will create a weak point in your line, yes, smaller sized swivels will bend and snap before Fireline will break. I have also encountered snags on rocks where I bent the hook straight before the Fireline would break. This means that using strong hooks and swivels will allow you to use your fireline to the full potential.

The one drawback I have found with this line is its tendency to slip around the spool of my reel. This, however can be easily remedied by either tying through the holes in the spindle of your bait caster, if you have them, or pre-spooling a layer of monofilament line underneath the Fireline. By this I mean begin spooling your reel like you normally would with monofilament, but stop and cut off the mono after you have a few layers on the reel. Once you have cut the mono, tie the fireline to the end of the monofilament and finish spooling with the Fireline. This will prevent the slippage.

To give a final thought, Berkley Fireline is an all around winner. Its stronger, thinner, and produces less friction. This decreased friction allows for longer, smoother casts. I love this line mainly because it optimizes the sensitivity of my rod and allows me to make incredibly powerful hooksets. Berkley Fireline is a little more costly compared to other lines, but the performance you will get out of it is, in my opinion, worth it.

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