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Best Time Of Day To Fish For Bass

Feb 17th, 2009 by Crazy BASStard

Best Time Of Day To Catch Fish.

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In the realm of searching for and landing bass anglers often discuss seasonal patterns and tactics. How to approach winter fishing, what the best New England Fall Bass Fishing Tips are etc. Others discuss River Bass Fishing Tips, or Bass Lure Presentations. There is no doubt that these are all valid factors to consider when approaching any fishing situation, however one still remains, time of day. I consider any given day of fishing as passing through its own set of phases much like the seasons of a year. Understanding these phases and how to conquer them will transform you into a more successful and confident angler.

"Well, what IS the best time of day to fish for bass?" you may ask. The answer to this question is simple, yet complex at the same time. The best time of day to catch fish tends to vary day to day depending on weather conditions including cloud cover and water clarity. Assuming we neglect cloud cover and water clarity, generally speaking the most productive times of day for landing fish are in the morning and evening.

Morning/ Evening Bass Fishing

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Largemouth and smallmouth bass follow very similar feeding patterns in the morning and evening periods of the day. These are the two times of the day in which bass tend to feed extensively and are more apt to strike topwater presentations. This is a result of the sun being positioned at a low point in the sky, either just rising or just setting. The prescence of light wakes the fish up, and the lack of direct sunlight on the surface often entices a topwater feeding frenzy. In general bass come into the shallows and feed more extensively in the morning before the sun is high in the sky and after the sun begins to set when the water becomes a bit cooler. In between the realms of morning and evening fishing lies the challenging world of afternoon fishing.

Afternoon Bass Fishing

An angler often hits the water for a day of fishing just as the sun is rising, or briefly before it breaks the horizon. As mentioned above morning fishing is one of the more productive times of the day to catch bass. This leaves an angler with an optimistic outlook for the rest of they day, however when the sunlight hits the surface of the lake the topwater bite dies and our approach must change. Catching bass in the afternoon is a more challenging affair, especially in the heat of the summer. After morning has passed the sun rises high in the sky heating up the surface temperature of the lake. This forces bass deeper in the water column where their optimal temperature is reached. This is where a fish finder can really do you a lot of good in finding what depth the fish are suspending at. Altering our bait selection and presentation depth can make afternoon angling as productive as any other time of day.

Night Fishing For Bass

Depending on the body of water you are fishing, night fishing for bass will be either extremely productive or simply mediocre. Fisheries that see a lot of boat pressure from fishermen and other various water sports are the places you can count on landing a solid stringer at night. The large amount of boat pressure forces bass to retreat to deeper waters where they feel safe. When the sun goes down and the boat pressure is alleviated the bass then feel safe moving into the shallows and feeding. When night fishing for bass be sure to fish baits that cause a lot of rattle and vibration when presented since it is difficult for a bass to see your bait at night. Click here to learn more about night fishing.

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In the end, bringing all factors into consideration, the best time of day to fish for bass really depends on an array of factors. You will find different patterns as you approach different lakes in different parts of the country/ world. The sport of bass fishing is a game of change and adaptation. The one factor that stays constant is your understanding of angling and how to adapt to each unique circumstance. This is what will make you an all around successful angler.

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