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YUM Money Minnow Review

Jan 28th, 2009 by Crazy BASStard

Money Minnow Swimbaits.

In the last year or so there has been an explosion in the bass fishing lure market for swimbaits. I have had the chance to test out an array of new swimbaits that have emerged in 2008 from nearly every lure company out there. After extensive testing on the water there is one swimbait that I keep in my tackle bag, the YUM Money Minnow. YUM has been a company I have counted on from day one to provide me with quality plastics at an affordable price.

Swimbaits are designed to mimic a minnow or baitfish and do so in the most realistic way possible. This is through the use of a rubber construction and a flattened tail which wiggles through the water much like the lip of a crankbait. Swim baits are known for catching few, but very large fish, which has made it a more prominent choice as of lately for professional tournament anglers aiming for a kicker. 

The first aspect of Money Minnow swimbaits to notice is the incredible level of detail incorporated into this bait. The soft plastic is coated in a transparent shiny type of gloss increasing reflectiveness, thus creating a more life like minnow shine. Likewise this swimbait posesses incredibly lifelike eyes adding to the overall realism in presentation. As far as construction goes, YUM has found a perfect balance of density and elasticity, which gives the the Money Minnow its lifelike swimming action. When you put this level of detail together with the great swimming action, you get one hell of a swimbait.  

When it comes to rigging and fishing the YUM Money Minnow the key, as with any swimbait, is to hook it straight. If you fail to hook the swimbait perfectly, or damn close it will swim irregularly and not produce the realistic minnow action that we are attempting to achieve. There are two types of hooks I use to fish Money Minnow swimbaits. One is the official Yum hooks made for the Money Minnow, which have a lead weight on the shaft of the hook. YUM has designed this swimbait with a slot cut in the belly for this weight to sit in. It is crucial to use a bottom heavy hook when rigging swimbaits to assure that the bait swims rightside up and stays that way. So remember, rig it straight, rig it bottom heavy, and you will have success with this bait. The one other type of hooks I have been known to fish swimbaits with are "Luck "E" Strike Bass Magic Head Hooks." These hooks have the weight towards the eye and have a spring screw to attach the head of the bait. The placement of the weight on this hook creates a different presentation when fishing the Money Minnow off of the bottom. When you let the bait sit on the bottom the head will touch and the rest of the bait will stand up at a slight angle creating the look of a minnow eating off of the bottom. Bass love this.   

As far as presentation is concerned, a slow retrieve is best when it comes to fishing a swim bait. Imaging a minnow leesurely swimming along the shore. The best time to fish a swimbait is when you see real baitfish schooling in the water. Matching the hatch during this situation will yield phenomenal results. Money Minnow swumbaits, however are a versatile bait and can be fished in most any clear  to slightly stained water condition. Swimbaits tend to be silent and low on the vibration so avoid throwing them in murky water where bass depend on sensed other than sight to feed.

Overall BASStard Rating



YUM Money Minnow Swimbaits come in packs of 4 for around $8.00. If rigged correctly and taken care of one minnow can last you quite a while and definitely land you its $2.00 worth of bass.



Again, if rigged correctly and cared for these baits can really last you a while, however it is still a soft bait and will be ruined over time.



I give this lure a 10 out of 10 in terms of performance especially when fishing it through heavy lily pad cover for big bass. If you are keying on big fish, and big fish only throw a Money Minnow.



Truly a visually stunning lure. The eyes look great and it is made from a high quality durable rubber that looks great, especially in the water.



Overall an bait that I will keep in my tackle bag for years to come.

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