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Best Bass Fishing Tips and Reviews.

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Hello and welcome to BASStardFishing.com, your source for the latest and greatest bass fishing tips, articles, product reviews, forum, and blog.

We pledge to not review nor endorse any product unless we have had it in our hands and put it through its paces on the water and do not suggest any fishing tips we have not personally put to the test. We write from experience, to inform but more importantly to learn.

BASStardFishing.com is more than a website-it is a community of anglers of all skill-levels.

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So please join the BASStard Community! Share your fishing knowledge and experience on the forum, submit an entry for "BASStard of the Month", participate in official tournaments and events, and check out our new line of BASStard Gear to support our cause!

We pledge to bring you the most comprehensive, best bass fishing information you will find anywhere. And yes, you do have a voice in our community. If you would like a product reviewed, or an article written on a certain topic please leave us a suggestion in the "Suggestion Box" section of the forum. If you have an article you have written, or would like to get your name out there as an up and coming bass fishing columnist, send us your article submission to Crazy@BASStardfishing.com, and it will be considered for the site. 

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The term "BASStard" describes a fisherman whose father left them alone on the water at a very young age. Much like "Feral Children" BASStards were raised by non-human creatures; bass. Growing up and being raised by bass leaves a BASStard Child with a keen understanding of bass instincts, making them the ultimate bass fisherman. A BASStard is inhumanly adept at bass fishing.

Of course, this is a mythical occurrence, but in our terms, a BASStard is a person who has the skills of one who could have been raised by bass—one who possesses inhuman fishing instincts. It is the single most honorable title in the bass fishing industry.

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